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Why is the flame on my stove yellow?

A gas flame appearing yellow in color or behaving with pops of yellow indicates an improper ratio of oxygen for combustion. Often this improper combustion is temporary and could be caused by dust particles or a dirty burner that needs cleaning. If the flame continues to burn yellow after cleaning the appliance, this could be a more serious problem and needs to be inspected by a plumber or gasfitter. Incomplete combustion could cause too much carbon monoxide (CO) to be produced so it is imperative for a qualified professional to check. A healthy, properly burning flame on gas appliances should be BLUE in color, sometimes with a tiny tip of yellow, with a little light blue triangle at the center. This blue color flame indicates that there is safe, efficient and more complete fuel combustion. Regardless of whether the appliance is a gas cooktop, furnace, fireplace, etc. you always want to see a blue color flame.

Why do you have to change my gas meter?

In accordance with Measurement Canada, all natural gas meters must be verified & recertified by an accredited meter test shop in compliance with the verification periods as set out in G-18 – Reverification periods for gas meters, ancillary devices and metering installations. Please keep the meter free of any debris, as you are responsible for costs associated with damage of metering equipment as well as access to the meter set.

What is the mark up on the natural gas that I buy from Foothills Natural Gas?

There is no mark up. Foothills Natural Gas Co-op is a member owned utility and natural gas is sold to our members at cost.

Are there shares/dividends dispersed to the members?

No, any surplus of earnings of the Association will be used to maintaining a strong and efficient operation by attainment of assets.

Does Foothills Gas respond to Carbon Monoxide (CO) concerns/alarms?

Yes, we respond to any concerns or alarms. If you suspect CO or any gas leaks, please open the doors & windows and get everyone (including pets) outside to fresh air immediately. Contact Foothills Gas at 1-403-556-3007

Can I remove or repair my own gas meter?

No, this is considered tampering with your gas meter and tampering is illegal and against the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act. You may be charged additional penalties and/or fines for tampering. For any concerns regarding your gas meter, please contact the office

I've PURCHASED a property that gets its services from Foothills Gas? How do I set up an account?

Please call the office at 1-403-556-3007. See Land Transfers

Who does Foothills purchase natural gas from?

Our natural gas is purchased directly through Gas Alberta.

How do I know if I am smelling Natural Gas?

In its natural state, natural gas is odorless and colorless. To make gas leaks easier to detect, a odorant called Mercaptan is added to create a distinct natural gas smell similar to sulphur or rotting eggs. The stronger the smell is, the more likely it is that you have a gas leak. If you think you can smell natural gas, please contact the office immediately.

Who regulates the natural gas industry in Alberta?

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulate exploration, production, processing, transmission and distribution of natural gas within the province. Foothills Gas is under the jurisdiction of The Alberta Energy Regulator.

What happens if there is a gas outage?

Foothills Gas employees will immediately notify all the affected customers by phone. Repairs will be completed as quickly as possible. Foothills Gas employees will then phone all the affected customers to let them know that gas has been restored and ask them if they need help relighting appliances. If so, we will visit each customer’s property to assist. If we can’t get a hold of you or your emergency contacts, we will visit your property and continue trying to reach you. It’s very important to keep your contact info up to date. Planned outages are rare and when they do occur we use an alternate source of gas supply so that your service will not be affected.

What does the monthly fixed charge cover?

The monthly fixed fee covers the administration, operation, and maintainance of the system, including regular inspections of the distribution system which is an integral part of our operating and maintenance program; monitoring system integrity and ensuring public safety.

Ensure Seamless Communication - Update Your Contact Information Before Heading South
Ensure Seamless Communication - Update Your Contact Information Before Heading South



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