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Ensure Seamless Communication - Update Your Contact Information Before Heading South

Dear Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Members, As winter approaches, we understand that many of our valued members embark on journeys south, seeking warmer climates during the colder months. We want to ensure that your experience with Foothills Natural Gas Co-op remains smooth and uninterrupted, even when you're away.

Why Update Your Natural Gas Account Contact Information?

Whether you're flying south or have someone else staying at your place, it's crucial to keep your contact information up-to-date. Foothills Natural Gas Co-op may need to connect with the individuals authorized on your account, or the person at your residence may need to contact us for any reason.

Complete Your "Renter Access Agreement" Before Leaving:

For members planning on extended stays away from home, especially if you're leaving the country, we strongly encourage you to complete our "Renter Access Agreement." This agreement ensures that the individuals residing at your property in your absence are authorized to communicate with Foothills Natural Gas Co-op on your behalf.

How to Update Your Contact Information:

Updating your contact information is quick and easy. Simply phone, email or fax the office to provide the necessary updates.

Benefits of Keeping Your Information Current:

  • EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: In case of any emergency at your property, it's crucial for us to be able to reach the right contacts promptly.

  • BILLING AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Ensure that you receive important billing information and updates regarding your account, even when you're away.

  • AUTHORIZED COMMUNICATION: The "Renter Access Agreement" allows us to communicate with the authorized individuals on your behalf, ensuring efficient problem resolution.

We're Here to Help:

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your contact information or completing the "Renter Access Agreement," please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We're here to make this process as easy as possible for you.

At Foothills Natural Gas Co-op, we value your membership, and we want to ensure that your natural gas services remain reliable and hassle-free, even when your winter adventures take you elsewhere.

Safe travels and warm wishes,

Tiffany Armstrong

Operations Administrator

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Ltd.


Updating Contact Information Press Release
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