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Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Launches Our Newly Redesigned WebsiteProviding A Modernized & User Friendly Member Experience

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op is pleased to announce the launch of our revamped website which marks a significant achievement in the Co-op’s commitment to providing an enhanced and effortless experience for our

membership. The updated website, aims to encourage member engagement by offering an intuitive and informative platform, aligning with Foothills Natural Gas Co-op’s goal of providing our membership with current industry information and delivering improved interaction on various levels of online service provisions.

Key Features and Enhancements:

• User-Centric Design: Our new website provides a sleek, modern design making it easier for Co-op members to navigate and find information.

• Self-Help Resources: Foothills Natural Gas Co-op recognizes the value of providing our members with tools to answer questions independently. The website now hosts an array of self-help resources that allow members to trouble issues, understand their bills, request specific services or features and investigate safety and best-practice tips on natural gas delivery to their properties.

• Digital Forms: Members can now complete select tasks conveniently through the website’s digital forms. Whether it is opting for e-billing of your monthly utility invoice, setting up automatic debit payments, or paying bills online, the streamlined forms simplify processes which save members time

and effort.

• Enhanced Communication: Foothills Natural Gas Co-op understands the importance of clear and concise communication. The website introduces improved communication channels, including press releases and safety alerts to keep our membership informed about updates, events, and important industry announcements.

• New Rules and Regulations for Contract Services: In November 2023, the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops and Rural Utilities, Government of Alberta issued a newly revised listing of the Rules and Regulations for provision of natural gas delivery to our members. This posted document on our website provides the Terms and Conditions for rural natural gas delivery and distribution to the provincial gas co-ops membership and addresses the new industry standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance of a rural gas distribution infrastructure within a designated franchise area.

As technology evolves, Foothills recognizes the necessity of adapting to the changing needs of our membership.  The revamped website is one example of our co-op’s commitment to understanding these changes and  embracing the future of digital interaction.

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op is a community-focused and member-owned co-operative committed to providing  reliable and affordable natural gas services to our membership. With a rich fifty-year history and an ongoing  dedication to innovation, Foothills Natural Gas Co-op continues to evolve to meet the needs of its growing  membership.

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Ltd. would like to thank Fjord Social Inc. for their exceptional redesign & support

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Ltd
.'s Redesigned Website

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